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Henry Knam - The 1999 Sun Orchard Salmonella Outbreak

In June 1999, epidemiological investigations by the Washington and Oregon State Departments of Health in partnership with other state health departments, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified unpasteurized orange juice produced by Sun Orchard as the source of a multi-state Salmonella outbreak. Sun Orchard recalled all its unpasteurized juice products and the Food and Drug Administration (FDC) issued a nationwide warning to consumers.

By July, there were 207 confirmed cases of Salmonella reported across 15 states and two Canadian Provinces, along with 91 additional cases under investigation.

Henry Knam was one of those cases. Henry fell ill with Salmonella after consuming Sun Orchard unpasteurized orange juice at his Father’s Day brunch. Henry was taken to the hospital and passed away from his infection on July 23rd, 1999.

Marler Clark represented Henry and 55 others in claims against Sun Orchard. All claims were resolved in 2002. You can read more about Salmonella lawsuits and litigation that stemmed from the Sun Orchard Salmonella outbreak on the Marler Clark Website.  

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