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Paul Schwarz – The 2011 Jensen Farms Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak

In September 2011, the Colorado State Health Department with the help of the FDA conducted an investigation into Jensen Farms after 147 people fell ill with Listeria across the country. The FDA found that Jensen farms had violated FDA guidelines on the safe production of cantaloupes. The greatest infractions being the decision not to chlorinate the water used to wash the cantaloupes and the use of improper equipment in the packinghouse.

Out of the 147 people who were affected by the five outbreak strains, 142 were hospitalized, and 33 deaths were reported.

Paul Schwarz was one of those victims. Paul 92-year-old was a World War II veteran with two purple hearts living in Missouri. Paul fell ill in the fall of 2011 after eating cantaloupe contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes from Jensen Farms. After a month in the hospital and two more months in a rehabilitation center, Paul finally succumbed to his infection. He had a history of prior gastrointestinal problems and was immune compromised with non-autoimmune primary adrenal insufficiency. 

Marler Clark represented Paul and other individuals in claims against Jensen Farms. You can read more about Listeria lawsuits and litigation that stemmed from the Jensen Farms Listeria outbreak on the Marler Clark Website. 

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